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Carbon Force Hunter arrows 1dz +/- 006 with Blazers
Unique strong arrow by PSE comes in shipping tube. Made using a unique mesh wrapping process for added strength.

Arrow Cut / Draw Length


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 Specify the shaft size you require in the description

Arrows are sold in matched sets.  Arrows come with inserts you need to buy points seperately

Shaft Information


Size Wieght Spine
100 6.6 g inch .520
200 7.5 g inch .424
300 8.6 g inch .359
400 9.2 g inch   .337


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How many inches is "full Length" I'm looking at size 100, 6.6g inch, .520 spine Regards, Martin

They tend to be 32"

Hello, am I able to choose vane colour as a friend shoots the same arrows, and do these arrows come with nock?

yes you can choose just place the colours and size in the comments when you check out and yes they do come with nocks.

What size arrow would I need for a 32' draw at 65# for target shooting

300 or 400. Depends on the bow - Fast bows go for the 400 - slow bow go for 300.

Hey guys I bow the predator compound bow off your website and now looking into getting more arrows it's 55-75lb draw Length is 27 what Arrows would I need?

300 if you shoot 70#, 200 for 60#

Hey guys I bow the predator compound bow off your website and now looking into getting more arrows it's 55-75lb draw Length is 27 what Arrows would I need?

Carbon Force 300 are for 70#. They are the best for your bow. If you are shooting 65# or under 200 would be a better choice.

Hi Steve, you probably wont have time to respond... on the home page you mention hitting a tennis ball 4 times out of 5 from 50m. I bought a PSE prophecy last year from you guys and can do that from 20m but.. at 50 with the sight i have (one that came with the bow) it isnt feasible. A lot of it is me I am sure... basketball size target at 50m would be ok. Just curious as to what kind of sight you use - if it a scope or pin sight and what you would recommend beside practice for me. Buying some more arrows today - order will come through in a moment. Thanks, Mark

A lot of it is form and practise. A long stabilizer gives you the most improvement as it stops you moving. The sight/ scope really makes no difference - recurve archers in the Olympics can shoot that well. The Prophecy is a good bow and is quite cable of shooting arrows at 50metres. You need to stop your hand moving and work on release. The Full Throttle I had set up was my target setup which is long stabilizer, scope and target sight. My hunting setup is just 5 pin sight and short stabilizer. I found adding more weight to my hunting stabilizer helped stop my arm moving but I prefer lighter weight, so I give up accuracy for comfort for hunting.

Hi mate I recently purchased a DNA full kit from you. I was wondering what arrows you would recommend to start hunting. My friend who is teaching me how to hunt is a traditional bow hunter so shaft selection for a compound is out of his field. You supplied PSE x weaves the STL Hunter 300's Cut 30" I'd like to buy a dozen arrows and would like your recomendation prior to purchase. thanks Tim

Carbon force hunters are a popular arrow for hunting. Size of the spine will depend on what poundage you are shooting