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Alpine Archery has created this new cable slide by combining Teflon and rubber into a high-tech composite housing, making the Mach 5 the best cable slide available. Based on technology from the proven Alpine Glide Slide that has been in the line for years, this new slide is the ultimate in combining craftsmanship and function. Many companies claim to come up with “SLICK” ideas… Alpine Archery has taken it literally. Alpine Archery has brainstormed another revolutionary accessory for 2007, The Alpine Mach 5 Cable Slide… Since the cable slide is a necessary part of your setup, we have taken every feature into account and come up with the slipperiest, quietest, fastest cable slide available. The NEW Mach 5 Cable Slide features a Teflon slide surface, press fit into a rubber, vibration dampening sleeve, and capped off with a space age looking slide body that is fitted with a termination point for a fall away rest pull cord if desired. Cousin to the ever successful Alpine Glide Slide, this little gem is a sure fit on any bow utilizing a 3/8” diameter cable guard. It is available in brown, or a high definition camouflage film finish. Don’t let your shot of a lifetime vanish before your eyes because of an inferior, squeaky, or slow cable slide.

Mach 5 exloded view


Name : Jonesy
Location : Brisbane
Title : 3 months broken
Review : I thought it was awesome until it broke. Weak shape body.

Name : Nick from Isa
Location :
Title :
Review : Looks great, is quiet and in theory it works well. But I've had mine on my bow for less than 12 months and yesterday at the range it broke off during a shot. After seeing where it broke, it seems there is an inherent weak spot in the design. I can imagine it would have broken sooner if I had my dropaway activated with this too. Would not buy another.

Name : Anonymous
Location : Day(s)
Title :
Review : Online Shopper

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