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Mission Craze 2 Compound Bow Kit Camo (SH1)
One of the most adjustable compound bows made. 15-70# 19-30". With a axle to axle of 28" this is a compact compound bow. Comes setup with 4 pin sight, rest, peep, dloop, release, 3 carbon arrows, Bow Quiver
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The all new Craze by Mission is a grand slam in bow design. No other bow on the market can brag over 40 lbs. of weight adjustment.

This bow truly lives up to the hype of its name with parallel limbs, a highly-adjustable dual-cam system, a compact riser and a mere 3.6 pound of mass weight.

Dig into the stats, and you'll be even more impressed: up to 70 lbs of power, 80% let off and an ample 306 fps all packed into one incredibly priced compound.

Specs at a glance:

  • IBO Speed Up to 306 fps
  • Axle to axle 28"
  • 80% Let-off
  • Draw Weight 15-70lbs
  • Draw length range 19"-30"
  • Brace height 7.5"
  • Mass weight 3.6lbs
  • Carbon Rod Cable Guard
  • String Length 55 3/4"
  • Cable length 30 7/8"
  • D-Amplifiers and Dead End String Stop
  • Dual/Adjustable cams
  • Zebra Hybrid Bowstrings
  • Composite grip

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