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WNS Motive FX Riser 25"
Forged machined riser, anodized finish, high quality weight 1120g


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The WNS Motive FX Riser has been in the Win and Win Archery line up for a number of years as a advanced entery riser.

The WNS Motive FX Riser was renamed from the SF Archery Forged Riser. But the colours and design is largely unchanged.

The WNS Motive FX Riser accepts universal limbs so any limb can clip into the riser giving the Archer more choice from inexpensive limbs upto the top of the line limbs.

WNS recomeends the WNS Motive F5 limbs a fiber foam limb or the WNS Motive C5 limb a Carbon foam limb however you can fit a cheaper option or more expensive option if you choose.

The WNS Motive FX Riser is a Forged Machine riser which means it is a strong riser and can accept the high performance limbs.  Cheaper risers can not use high poundage limbs with high proformance limbs.  The Anodized finish on the WNS Motive FX Riser is strong and durable and will stand the test of time.  Recurve Risers which are painted tend to scatch and date.

The association of computer-aided design with forges techniques and digitally controlled machinery resulted in the development of an aluminum riser that meets extremely high specifications. The combination of these technologies has meant that rigid, lightweight and high-performance characteristics are all guaranteed. This riser, with its highly elaborate load distribution, enables men and women archers to achieve unprecedented levels of performance.

Length _ 25 inches
Weight _ 1.150kg
Available for right or left-handed archers.

MATT GRAY, Black, Blue, Silver, Red, Sky blue

Archery supplies is stocking all colours in right hand, left hand risers available in limited colours.  This is a high quality, high finish bow at an amazing price
Name : Pete Beros
Location : Adelaide
Title : WNS Motive Riser 25”
Review : Bought this as my first bow. Got the black one. Looks great with black limbs, doesn’t chip and should last a long while. Really happy with this purchase. If you want to get a high quality bow that will last you for some time, this is a good one.

Hi, I’m looking for a good mid range riser to set up for barebow that I won’t have to upgrade for a few years at least. Would this be a good option? I’m also looking at setting up an instinctive trad bow and looking at the tbow. Does the tbow come pretty much ready to shoot? Thanks.

Its fine you can add weights. Decut Rhino riser. Tbow is a great bow.

Hi, Interested in the WNS Motive FX 25" riser, but I'm wondering how long the shipment will take if I am based in Sydney metro? Thank you.

Hi Jin Shipment to Sydney is between overnight and 2 days. Cost is approximately $12. Good luck from the team at Archery Supplies