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Topoint Unison 25" Target recurve riser
CNC machined. Weight 2.54#, Wood grip. International fitting limbs system.

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ILF                                                CNC Milling           Weight:2.54Lbs                                                           Length :25"                       Material:6061-T6                   Wooden Grip,color same as Riser                                           Color:                black,blue,orange,smoke,black camo,carbon,green,purple                                 RIGHT HAND/LEFT HAND

Name : Byron
Location : Canberra, ACT
Title : Great purchase.
Review : Just got this one, the aesthetics alone are amazing. The wood handle looks great and sits really well in hand. The finish on the riser really pops. Nice weight to it. For the price (I'd say mid range) it's a great purchase. This one hits that sweet spot of 'I'm not new to the sport, but I'm also not an olympic archer' middle ground.

Name : Barry
Location : Melbourne
Title : Topoint unison riser and Big Rock carbon limbs
Review : Hi all just tryed out the unison and the big rock carbon limbs today at the Archery club and I am very impressed well balanced no vibration one very happy Archer thinks guys 👍😁

What would you suggest between the topoint unison and decut basha pro if they were similar in price?

Which ever one you like the look/feel of. It is a personal choice.

Love the idea of this riser. I have only recently been introduced to archery and are currently a member, shooting a club bow. Bare bow is where I feel I would like to explore, as by the sounds of it most new to the sport do. Is $100 more worth spending on something like the WNS Forged Elite Alpha Riser 25. I love the win and win black wolf look. But these give both barebow and Olympic options. Also I’m currently shooting #28. I’m a landscaper with a little strength. What poundage would you recommend to by next

Hi Rodd, Being new to the sport and not being 100% on what discipline you want to go with, its far more economical and sensible to purchase your riser if it can do more than one thing. When it comes to poundage, i recommend going up in poundage when you can shoot your current weight all day with little to not exertion on you. You want to be able to make a whole round without fatiguing. Hope that answers the question and helps. Archery Supplies

Hello Stephan, I would like to purchase a red Topoint Unison 25" rh riser, do you have these in stock? Does this riser come with an arrow rest? if not I will have to order one with the riser. Regards Graeme.

No they don't

RE: Topoint Unison 25" Target recurve riser. I am a "contemplating beginner" and recently saw your video on this riser. Can you email me about what BLACK Coloured Limbs are available to fit this that are "budget friendly" ? I'd really like to setup the bow without a lot of "screaming graphics" and logos if at all possible. Regards

Samick and Krossen Xenia. Samick are a foam limb. Big Rock - Have foam and Carbon Foam.