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Topoint Unison 25" Target recurve riser
CNC machined. Weight 2.54#, Wood grip. International fitting limbs system.

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ILF                                                CNC Milling           Weight:2.54Lbs                                                           Length :25"                       Material:6061-T6                   Wooden Grip,color same as Riser                                           Color:                black,blue,orange,smoke,black camo,carbon,green,purple                                 RIGHT HAND/LEFT HAND

Name : Barry
Location : Melbourne
Title : Topoint unison riser and Big Rock carbon limbs
Review : Hi all just tryed out the unison and the big rock carbon limbs today at the Archery club and I am very impressed well balanced no vibration one very happy Archer thinks guys 👍😁

Love the idea of this riser. I have only recently been introduced to archery and are currently a member, shooting a club bow. Bare bow is where I feel I would like to explore, as by the sounds of it most new to the sport do. Is $100 more worth spending on something like the WNS Forged Elite Alpha Riser 25. I love the win and win black wolf look. But these give both barebow and Olympic options. Also I’m currently shooting #28. I’m a landscaper with a little strength. What poundage would you recommend to by next

Hi Rodd, Being new to the sport and not being 100% on what discipline you want to go with, its far more economical and sensible to purchase your riser if it can do more than one thing. When it comes to poundage, i recommend going up in poundage when you can shoot your current weight all day with little to not exertion on you. You want to be able to make a whole round without fatiguing. Hope that answers the question and helps. Archery Supplies

Hello Stephan, I would like to purchase a red Topoint Unison 25" rh riser, do you have these in stock? Does this riser come with an arrow rest? if not I will have to order one with the riser. Regards Graeme.

No they don't

RE: Topoint Unison 25" Target recurve riser. I am a "contemplating beginner" and recently saw your video on this riser. Can you email me about what BLACK Coloured Limbs are available to fit this that are "budget friendly" ? I'd really like to setup the bow without a lot of "screaming graphics" and logos if at all possible. Regards

Samick and Krossen Xenia. Samick are a foam limb. Big Rock - Have foam and Carbon Foam.