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PSE Supra Focus Compound bow
New for 2019, 37" axle to axle, 328 fps, 26-31.5", brace height 7", mass weight 4.7lbs. The 2018 Supra features new cable slide, new cable guard.

Handle Type


Bow Kit

Bow Maximum Poundage

Arrow Cut / Draw Length

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One of the most popular target compound bows made.
What makes the PSE Supra Compound bow the most popular target bows?
  • Price is great
  • Adjustable draw length
  • Great colour choice
  • low shock
  • lighter than similar target bows.

Basic kit
- 5 pin sight
- Bow quiver
- Stabilizer
- Bow sling
- Biscuit rest
- Peep sight
- Dloop
- 6 carbon arrows
- Patriot release

Pro Kit
- Basic kit 
- Hard Case

Name : Peter
Location : Adelaide
Title : PSE Supra
Review : I was torn between buying the Supra vs the Shootdown. I tested both bows and both are great, but the price in the end made me going for the Supra Focus. Shooting the Supra Focus now for 2 months, I am loving it more and more. Its a great bow and definitely worth looking at, not only from a price point, but shoots well. Almost no vibration and found it to be more accurate than my previous bow (different brand). The lack of skills is made up by the bow :) - so I guess it's forgiving in shooting.

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