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RPM Nitro MAG 55-75# 26-28.5" compound lever bow
47" length - comes with modules for changing let off and draw length. 26-28.5"

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  • Aluminum machined riser
  • Aluminum machined timing wheels
  • Aluminum machined full capture limb pockets
  • Aluminum machined draw stops
  • Aluminum machined saddles
  • 4lb over all weight
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Do you have the Nitro XX Lever Bow - preorder

No we dont

Hello, im very interested in the nitro bow, i just have a few questions, what poundage is this bow? I got a bit confused with the product description. I have been led to understand this bow was designed for bow fishing but i have no intention of using it for fishing, i just would like to make sure it works fine for normal shooting? And just finally if i draw the string with my right hand, do i select the right handed bow? Kind regards Lachie

Sorry for the delay. Did you still need this info?

What is the string length of the bow? Different sights I've seen have listed different numbers.also what come in the box with it other than the bow obviously. The description says no need to buy after market parts.... The nitro comes with everything you need. Does that mean it comes with spare parts/ cams etc? How does this compare To the Oneida bows?

Bow comes with modules for changing draw length. Bow is 47" in length.