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When stalking, drawing, or during slow let down your arrow will always remain in total containment.

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The ULTRAREST MXT has taken micro-adjust rests to a whole new level of quality and precision. It’s the only drop-away with a true precision click adjustment. In fact, it’s so precise with each click the rest will fine adjust vertically or horizontally just 1.9 thousandths of an inch. 
With precision tuning capabilities, anti-backlash technology, and extreme tolerances, the MXT is the only rest that will truly allow you to experience the maximum capabilities of today’s high performance bows. 
Even with more features packed into the MXT than any other rest, the MXT still sports a sleek and extremely lightweight design, weighing in at only 2.9oz. 
The MXT also allows you to precision tune broadhead flight with ease and to accurately shoot distances you never thought possible.
With the ability to fine tweak and precision tune your bow, it will also give you an unfair advantage over the competition. Of course, this rest is no exception to QAD’s extreme quality control standards
CAPTURE – 80° - When nocking an arrow, cock the ULTRAREST™ into the arrow capture position via the thumbwheel and then forget it. Once the arrow is loaded it will keep it silent and fully contained!
FULL DRAW – 90° - The ULTRAREST™ knows to drop-away ONLY when the bow is fired, not at slow let-down. If you draw back and can’t get that “perfect shot”, let down, and the launcher remains in the capture position, keeping your arrow fully contained.
DROP AWAY – 0° - When the bow is fired, the launcher drops away. VDT™, using speed and timing, NOT inertia, passes the capture position and continues to the drop away position. This guarantees total fletching clearance and the most accurate shot possible.
LOCK-DOWN TECHNOLOGY™ - When the launcher falls, it locks down in the drop-away position. This guarantees no bounce back and total fletching clearance. It also allows for higher spring tension and clearance on bows shot at over 400 fps.
ANTI- VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY - Reduces noise and vibration, making it one of the quietest drop-aways on the market. Also, the laser cut felt provides a deadly silent draw.
EZ-CLAMP TECHNOLOGY - No serving or bow press is required for setup with this clamp. The clamp is small, light, and simple to use. It is also stronger and more durable than ever before. Simple setup, whether in the shop or in the field.
Made in USA.
Name : Ian Klauss
Location : Western Victoria
Title : The QAD Ultra-Rest MXT is an Incredible piece of kit.
Review : This device is amazing. Pulled it out of the packet, looked at it, read the small pages of instructions, unbolted the old Whisker Biscuit, put the MXT on with it's one bolt, and bingo... perfectly zeroed spot on right out of the box! Adjusted the trigger cable as per the instructions and in 10 minutes I'm out the back immediately shooting better groups than ever than with the old WB. You can see the arrows are tracking straight and true now (just my aim sucks), and there is hardly any vibration and noise from the operation. The hardest part of the installation, setup, and use was getting it out of the box. I don't know how this rest could be made any better. I don't think there is anything to regret with owning and using one.

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