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Victory .245 VFORCE Sports Arrows each
Carbon 100% Carbon Fiber for better penertration and less wind drift. Weight Matched to .5 grain. Spine aligned for accurate groups. .006 straightness comes with Nocks and Inserts. Arrow shafts come in clear plastic container for hanging for shop display.

Victory Spine

Arrow Cut / Draw Length

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Victory’s hottest hunting arrow just got hotter. The Victory VForce Hunting shaft is the most accurate standard diameter hunting shaft on the market. With industry leading tolerances, a standard .245 inside diameter and Victory’s Spine Alignment Process, the VForce is the arrow to take any archer to the next level. Couple the VForce with Victory’s new ACI245-22 Insert and you have an arrow that will make you shoot more accurately. The Victory VForce is the deadliest combination for your next hunt of a lifetime.


The best standard diameter arrow . 100% hi-modulus carbon fiber . hunting arrow

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Steven I am in Canada i am shooting (2) bows 1 is 62 inch A&H ACS 53 LBS LONGBOW and other one is Border covert hunter recurve 60 inch at 53 lbs both are tuned for Easton Axis 5mm 400 spine . I would like to switch to Victory Vaps (Gamers ) am not finding anything on how to pick shafts that i can understand 400 or 500 . i have 400 gamers they are still at 31 inch with 110 glue ins and seem to stiff . i was wondering if you could help me out thanks Garth Calgary Alberta Canada

When selecting a VAP and are not sure on spine this tool is fantastic select the open spine calculator tab and the calculator does the rest

Hi, Do you measure your arrow length from the nock throat to the end of the shaft? Regards, Glenn

We take arrow measurements carbon to carbon.