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PSE Perform X Compound bow
IBO 332 FPS, 40" Axle to Axle, 7" brace Height, Weight 5.2#, 26.5-32" draw length. IBO 332 fps. Letoff 65-75%. New for 2018 the PSE Perform X is the most advanced target bow made.

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PSE has taken the successful 2017 PSE Xpression and knocked it out the ball park with the 2018 PSE PERFORM-X.  The 2018 PSE Perform X is 20 fps faster than the 2017 PSE Xpression with the same easy to adjust draw length from 26.5-32".  You don't need to buy modules you just move the module to the draw length you want - how easy?

Engineered to be super strong and stiff the Perform X takes target archery to a new level with the shoot-through riser.

The Evolve cam system on the PSE Perfomr X balances you cams, shoots the arrow dead straight with the fastest target bow made - WOW.

The LAS Wedge lock pockets give the target archer the ability to micro tune the Perform-X to the highest level for ultimate in acucracy.

For archers wanting a high letoff and easy holding weight you can fit the HL module 80-90% letoff.  The Perform X gives archers te ultimate in adjustment to change the way the bow feels and shoots.

With the PSE compression limbs which have been proven for over 10 years you get a string and cable system which does not flip flop around like Laminate limbs or Straight limbs do.  Improving speed, accuracy, vibration and shooting feel.

PSE Perform X is offered in a massive range of colour for 2018.

If we do not have the colour in stock allow 2-3 months for delivery. We will be stocking most colours in stock with first shipments expected in November.

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