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Win & Win Recurve ATF 25" Riser
New for 2017.The WIAWIS ATF is a perfectly balanced aluminium riser for ultimate accuracy and consistency.


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The WIAWIS ATF is a perfectly balanced aluminium riser for ultimate accuracy and consistency. 

The ATF riser features a 45-degree frame structure to prevent twisting as well as maximising stability. Advanced material technology makes the sight window 10% stronger than any other riser. 

This new innovative ATF is very stable to shoot with due to its well balanced weight. It is perfect for archers who prefer the confident feel of metal when they pick up their bow. Weighing 1300 grams, the WIAWIS ATF feels solid in hand, built to inspire confidence. This is a premium riser ready for the world stage. 

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Do you have this available RH Black

Hi Steve He have the black in stock as well as the black and yellow. The isn't much yellow and it looks kinda cool. If you check out our website you can see which colors we have in stock. Here's a link that might help Good luck from the team at Archery Supplies

Is Win & Win recurve ATF 25" riser that you are selling is made in Korea genuinely? Sorry to ask as there are so many archery products that sold in the market are counterfeit products (made in China). Just want to make sure. Sorry for asking and thanks so much.

We are a Win and Win distributor. We are in the top 5 in the world. Win and Win have 2 factories - Korea and China. Some products are China and some are Korea. I think the ATF is Korea but I may be wrong, I am not certain what products come from which factory. I just recieve a Win and Win shipment. I have never heard of a Counterfeit Win and Win product. They come in Win and win boxes. In fact the ATF is so rare there may only be 2 or 3 in Australia.

Hi,my name is Hongyuan Du.I am a student in UK and have been in archery for more than half a year. My draw weight has reached to 30 lbs. May I ask if this riser is popular right now, and the weight is surely 1300g?

No it is not popular. The popular riser is the SF Forged riser. Then top end the Wiawis Nano is the next most popular.