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Bohning Impulse Vanes 3" dz
Designed for recurve target archery. 4 grains , .3" height. Sticks to the shaft easily. Soft and durable


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• Best for recurve bows
• Very low profile for best resistance to strong crosswinds & unpredictable weather
• Revolutionary new lightweight composite material
• 3" in length, 0.3" in height, 4 grains in weight
• 4" in length, 0.3" in height, 5 grains in weight

Bohning worked with top recurve archers to develop the Impulse Vane.  It is designed to replace the traditional spinwing vane used by recurve olympic archers.  Extensive wind tests were conducted to measure wind drift.

Bohning found that rotation that rotation of 7,000 RPM was no different to 1,000 RPM.  So while spining the arrow is important to create stability it can be achieved through normal helical fletching

Bohning then looked at what was important - which was fletch clearance which is needed to stop arrow contact with the rest.  Bohning found the .3" was optimal height.  The risk of hitting the rest is less with the Impulse vane than with the conventional spinwing vane

To determine the length of vane Bohning wanted to move the pressure point futher from the centre of weight to create more stability.  They found the extra weight only effected the drop 5cm at 80 metres

They modelled the effect of a 4" Impulse vane compared to the Spin wing vane in windy conditions.  They found the Impulse had less effect than spin wing vane

They then compared hitting the rest with the vane to make the correct material to reduce the effect of hitting the rest.

Computer checks each vane to ensure it is the same length and weight.

The Impulse vane should also outlast other vanes.

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