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Win and Win Tornado carbon shafts each
Super thin cross carbon nano tube technology. .001 straightness. Arrows are cut carbon to carbon.

Arrow Cut / Draw Length


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Featuring Nano Carbon 3 layer design.  Similar weight to Easton X10 with .001 straightness.  

Use break off points and pin nock system (not included)

Shafts are 33" long  for 300-800
Shafts are 30" long for 900-1500

Size           Shaft Weight (grains per inch)
300            11.4
400              8.1
500              7.9
600              7.5
700              6.3
800             5.7
900             5.6
1000           5.0
1100            4.9
1200           4.6
1300           4.2
1400           4.2
1500           4.0
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Can these be cut shorter than 24" ie 22.5in

Hi Steve Yes those shafts can be cut to your request. When you order just ensure you put this requirement in the notes. Good luck from the team at Archery Supplies

I don't see a specific selection for "Tornado" Points, Nocks, Nock Pins, etc. Do I use the Atrax hardware?

The tornados use the atrax hardware