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PSE Flex Slide Replacement
Bolts onto the PSE cable guard


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PSE Flex Slide 2. Fits any bow that uses a flex slide.
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The sizes seem short. Will the long one fit the bow with a 7 in brace height?

Sorry for the delay. Did you still need this info?

Hi, When can I buy the new cable slide and bar (for the new 2017 PSE Supra)? And how much? I have a 2016 PSE Supra and I am extremely disappointed with the amount of wear in my cable slide... Regards, Andy.

We still have not recieved them yet. They will be put on the website when they arrive

Will this fit the PSE Dream Season decree 2015? Just looks different to the original, thanks

In 2016 PSE changed the Flex slide to the new style. I have two on my website. The 2016 flex slide can fit the older models.

Is this the full cable slide limb or just the Teflon slider end?

Just the end

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