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Win and Win Atrax carbon shafts dz
Super thin cross carbon nano tube technology. .003 straightness. Arrows are cut at shaft length carbon to carbon.

Arrow Cut / Draw Length


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Featuring an extra-light weight, high durablitiy and the highest concentration of carbon.  The ATRAX arrow is designed for target archery.

Using Pin systems and break off points.
Shafts are 33" long  for 300-800
Shafts are 30" long for 900-1500

Size           Shaft Weight (grains per inch)
300            11.4
400              8.1
500              7.9
600              7.5
700              6.3
800             5.7
900             5.6
1000           5.0
1100            4.9
1200           4.6
1300           4.2
1400           4.2
1500           4.0
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Hi not a fan of pin nocks do standard G nocks fit like carbon 1s


Are they the same diameter as medallion or Carbon 1s ? Carbon 1s are too skinny for the rest I am using and I am looking for a thicker arrow for target shooting


G day, are these per dozen or per 6. Cheers