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Easton Nickel Plated RPS points Doz. 9/32
RPS Screw-in Point
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RPS Screw-in Point

Nickel Plated Hardened Steel

9/32” - 80, 100 grains
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Well Steve, its been a week now, and still no answer to my question, [is this point suitable for Gold Tip Hunter shafts] So Steve, one more point you should have made in your Youtube discourses on owning an archery shop, when potential customers ask questions, even if you think that they are stupid for not knowing what you know, answer them, because cobber, you missed out on a $300 order from me. Bye

Hi Jim We are sorry for your bad experience. It is very difficult to keep up with the flood of queries and emails. Which is not an excuse, just an explanation. I have now employed a communication manager who will be able to keep on top of queries such as yours in a much more timely manner. We hope you come back as we know we can give you a better experience next time. Best wishes from the team at Archery Supplies

Hi Steve, Are these points [in 80 grain weight] correct for the Gold Tip Hunter arrows? Kind regards, Jim

Hi Jim This would not be appropriate. We recommend five sixteenths. Warm regards from the team at Archery Supplies.

Do "Eastern nickel plated Rps points" fit Eastern CB inserts

All points fit all inserts. The RPS points are for thin carbons. CB inserts are generally for normal carbons which use a 5/16 points and the RPS point is smaller.