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Easton Powerflight Arrows Made 2" Blazer vanes dz
Comes with inserts - add points or broadheads. Arrows are made by computer controlled machine.

Arrow Cut / Draw Length

Spine Size

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Arrows measured at shaft length
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On the drop down menu for length selection are the lengths listed a measurement of the length of arrow or are they the draw Length of your bow which indicates the length of arrows to be sent out

It is the length of the shaft. We measure from carbon to carbon

How long are the "full length" arrows, 32"?

31.5" carbon to carbon

Hey i was wondering how many arrows come with this. It is not stated anywhere. $115 is a bit riduclous for one arrow so surely there would be around 10 or 12? Thanks would really like to know because my local store is really overpriced compared to this.

That is for a dozen arrows

Do these come with nocks, inserts, vanes and tips if not which ones.

Come made with nocks, inserts and vanes. You need to select a point - most common is 5/16 100gr screwin.

Hi, Just confirming, full length for easton powerflight 340 is 31.5inch without nock? Cheers, Dan

Yes that is correct

Do these come with an offset, helical or straight fletching? Thanks

These tend to be made by a machine which is straight fletching.

hi need some arrows and was looking at these also some points and perhaps a release aid how much postage for these arrows and if i do purchase the other would it be the same post cost in the same parcel. postage to NSW, Newcastle, Woodriseing. thanks jaxson

Postage is calculated on the website. Australia post and Star Track have a base fee for a parcel maybe $10 then so much for a kilo so extra items are only a little bit more in postage.

do the inserts come installed?

You need to glue the inserts in.

what point would you suggest and what size point would fit these arrows?

5/16 combo or 19/64 carbon express. For a target point the CB points 80 or 100 grain.