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Gold Tip Ultralite Pro shafts dz
Gold Tip Ultralite arrows are a light weight shaft for 3-D and Target archery.


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Ultralight Pro arrows are designed and built to the demanding specifications of top field, FITA and 3D archers. If you demand the best from your equipment, count on Ultralight Pro arrows to deliver exceptional performance shot after shot. At +/-.001” Straightness and guaranteed to weigh within 1 grain per dozen, you will not find a more accurate or more consistent arrow. Are available in spine sizes 300, 400, 500 and 600

Gold Tip arrows are one of the most popular shafts in the world.

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Which nock system would best suit this shaft with a standard 100 gr target point? Also are there any advatages with a screw point over a glued in point? Thanks Nathan

Screw in points are for hunting so you can swap to broadheads or small game heads. Target points can't come loose, they tend to be lighter as there is no insert. You use target points if you never hunt. I would use the gold tip pin system which will save the arrow if you robin hood it.