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Beiter PinOut-Nock 149H DZ for Nano XR, Nano shaft
The inner diameter of the Beiter PinOut-Nock fits precisely on to the related pin and the shafts end preserves thanks to the bigger outer diameter.
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  • Each Nock size has only one single mould. This offers highest precision and lowest tolerances. Every single PinOut-Nock comes out of the same cavity.
  • The Nock does not pinch on the nocking point, it rests there with a spring effect. The working life is much higher and, very important, the Beiter Nock guarantees constant release from the bowstring, shot after shot.
  • The Beiter PinOut-Nock is available as asymmetric or symmetric (Hunter). To ensure that a Beiter Asymmetric Nock is placed correctly, control that the notch for the nocking point looks to the front of the arrow.
  • The Beiter PinOut-Nock can be shot without problem with all known nocking points; but the Beiter nocking point is the ideal partner for any asymmetric Beiter Nock.
  • The Beiter PinOut-Nock fits with its inner diameter on the related pin. It may happen that there is a gap between the outer diameter and the shaft!


The Beiter PinOut-Nock is available only for selected pin-shaft-combinations, especially for arrow shafts which have no other Beiter Nock option than the pin.
The Beiter PinOut-Nock is available in the Beiter patented ASYMMETRIC version, as well as in the SYMMETRIC version, for Compound archers using a D-Loop.

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Hi, I have Xelium 1000 arrows with an external diameter of 5mm. I am looking for more durable nocks as my current ones(TEM xelium nocks #900-#120(?) and orange) continually break. I am looking for a more durable substitute, have you any suggestions. Cheers Ross

I think X10 pins fit so you can then use Pin nocks