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predator traditional Custom
The Predator Tradional Custom is the finest traditional recurves available. It is extremely fast and smooth to draw and shoot

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Custom exotic hardwood risorsThe Predator 3 piece take down recurve possesses the very soul of traditional archery with hand picked premium exotic hardwoods and state of the art composites. Designed and crafted by master bowyer, Ron Pittsley, Predator Bows have been one of the most sought after custom bows within traditional archery's most elite inner circles. In addition to the popular custom 3 piece design, we now offer the same high quality workmanship and performance to mainstream bowhunters without the long wait or large prices that are typical of high end traditional bows with the introduction of the new "Hunter" take down model.



All models are available in right or left handed and limbs are
interchangeable and can be purchased seperately to create a combination
specific to a desired need.


Superior CraftsmanshipExotic Hardwoods and Laminates
Predator traditional bows combine exotic hardwoods and composites with attention to every detail to create a distinct look with unmatched performance and durability.

The results are a beautiful, rich, and timeless designed bow that can be handed down through generations. But make no mistake; although Predators look great hanging on the wall, these bows are serious hunting tools, built tough to hunt hard.


Easy to shoot
A low shelf and no hand shock make the Predator stable to shoot and very forgiving. An AMO speed of 204 f.p.s. provides flat trajectories and lethal penetration. Reinforced limb tips minimize stacking and withstand the additional stresses caused by modern string materials.

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Review : I've been shooting Predator bows for over 5 years now. They are incredibly smooth to draw and they absolutely haul an arrow down range. The flat trajectory allowed me to consistently and confidently take game out to 40 yards shooting barebow and instinctively. You just don't get that kind of performance with other bows. Even bows costing over twice as much...

Hi which wood grain colours do you have available? I'm interested in the predator custom classic range, something with a dark grained riser for a left hander and black limbs. Cheers

No LH. There is a long delay for these, so if you want one you need to order it and wait. I would allow 6-7 months. When Predator catch up with all the orders the delivery time will be down to 2-3 months.

Predator traditional Custom. Hello, I am interested in 45lb RHS. Does the bow come with string and/or case. I can see from your website which wood/colours are available from you, but have viewed them on the US site. I am also interested in the leather preditor quiver and probably a few other bits and pieces. Are you able to work out a package price and are the bow components stocked or do they come in from the US? MAny thanks Jason

Comes with string, arrow rest, bow stringer. I have a few customs in stock, stock varies each week. I do get stock from the US weekly.