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Easton AXIS 5mm shafts dz
The favorite choice for serious bowhunters looking for deep-penetrating big game performance. New Axis arrows are the first ever to utilize carbon nanotubes for increased strength compared to ordinary carbon arrows. Hidden Insert Technology aligns broadheads for tighter groups

Arrow Cut / Draw Length

Spine Size

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The hands-down proven small diameter all-carbon arrow. Faster, Deeper, Deadlier.


• Pre-installed X Nock
• X HIT 8-32 inserts
• Straightness: ± .003”
• High-strength carbon-composite fibers

Brass X HIT® 8-32 Break-Off Insert & Deep Six thread RPS sold separately - Use 17/64 point


Easton 5mm X Nock

Easton HIT Inserts
ize      GPI
700       6.1
600       7.2
500     8.1
400    9.0
340    9.5
300   10.7

Size Shaft Weight Spine @ 28" Span Stock Length RPS Point Broadhead Adapter Ring          
  GPI Deflection in Inches Inches O.D. Inches Size (5 Grains)          
700 6.1 0.700 31.5 17/64 BAR3          
600 7.2 0.600 30.5 17/64 BAR3          
500 8.1 0.500 31.0 17/64 BAR3          
400 9.0 0.400 31.5 17/64 BAR4          
340 9.5 0.340 32.0 9/32 BAR5          
300 10.7 0.300 32.5 9/32 BAR6          
260 11.5 0.260 34.0* 9/32 BAR6  
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Will saunders combo points fit into the hit inserts?

Yes 9/32. All points fit into all inserts

Hi, I'm looking at purchasing these but Unsure what spine to choose. I'm pulling 64lb, 25" draw and using 125 grain


I was wondering if these arrows come fletched and which broadhead adaptors would I need for them. thanks Nathan

These are shafts only. Arrows come with inserts. Any broadhead will fit, if you shoot ribtek any adaptor will fit.

I wish to purchase these arrows but cannot see any provision for cutting the arrows to my required length. Do you cut the arrows to length and where do I enter this information when ordering? Thank you. Trevor.

Just put a note in the notes at the end of the order