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Primos Bow Sling
Put your bow over your shoulder while walking on the long hunting walk. Fits bows 30-40“
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If you've had many long walks into the woods with your bow in hand, I know you've thought 'there's got to be a better way'. Well, here it is. The Bow Sling makes covering a lot of ground or the long walk to your stand as comfortable as a stroll in the park. The Bow Sling is a must when the terrain gets rough. Your hands are free to climb hills or range the terrain with your binoculars. Your bow cams and string are also protected, so your bow will be ready when the shot opportunity arrives. Once you've tried it, you won't be without it.

  • Fits Bows 30" to 40"
  • Snaps closed for secure carry
  • Molded foam cups to protect your cams
  • Fits all parallel limb bows
Name : Jarrod Todd
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Review : I use this on a bowtech insanity CPX (33" A2A). Fits well, its very well made and super comfy. Awesome at this price fellow hunters! Strong and looks great too.

Name : Anonymous
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Review : Online Shopper

Hello, Is this the latest version? The Neoprene one. .?


Hi. I have a Mission Craze II which is 28ins axle to axle. With the cams it is 30 ins. will this sling fit this please?


Hi. This looks like the original version of the Primos. Do you have the latest version, neoprene with the wide shoulder pad ?

Yes we have the latest version

Can this be fitted onto the PSE Chief Youth Recurve by any chance?

It would work but it is not really the purpose of the sling. The Sling is normally used to hook onto a compound so you don't need to hold the bow while walking.