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Carbon Express Predator 2 Arrows dz
Affordable Carbon Shafts to suit the heavy bows to the light bows. Just add screw in points

Predator 2 Size

Arrow Cut / Draw Length

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Arrows Cut are cut at shaft length.



Vicious Value

The PredatorII is designed to offer outstanding strength, durability

and high-powered performance perfect for the hunter searching for

performance and affordability in a light weight arrow. The PredatorII is

a rugged carbon composite arrow certain to deliver impressive results.

PredatorII (2040 and 3050) series is perfect for light poundage bows

with two spine offerings to fit 20-40 lb. bows and 30-50 lb. bows. Optimal

sizes and weighting for young or beginner shooters.


• Multiple sizes – wide variety of spines ranging from 0.340" to 0.800" for use

by experienced archers to youths with low poundage bows

• Predator vanes – high-performance compact design for added arrow velocity

and greater accuracy

• Tunable nocks – adjustable nocks for precision accuracy

• Straightness: ± 0.006"

• Weight tolerance: ± 3.0 grains


*Bare shaft weight

Model Size/Qty Grains/Inch* Spine Diameter


T1175 4560/30"/12 pack 8.8 0.403" 0.293"

T1176 6075/31"/12 pack 9.7 0.344" 0.298"


T1254 4560/30"/36 pack (bulk) 8.8 0.403" 0.293"

T1255 6075/31"/36 pack (bulk) 9.7 0.344" 0.298"


T1275 700/30"/12 pack 6.3 0.700" 0.250"

T1276 800/30"/12 pack 7.5 0.800" 0.254"

T1250 2040/30"/12 pack 7.7 0.598" 0.280"

T1251 3050/30"/12 pack 8.3 0.505" 0.283"


T1277 700/30"/36 pack (bulk) 6.3 0.700" 0.250"

T1278 800/30"/36 pack (bulk) 7.5 0.800" 0.254"

T1252 2040/30"/36 pack (bulk) 7.7 0.598" 0.280"

T1253 3050/30"/36 pack (bulk) 8.3 0.505" 0.283"

NOTE: All 700 and 800 spine arrows now come with half out inserts. Shafts have no inserts.


Name Model# Arrow Size Weight Qty
Field Point 19/64 55902 2040, 3050, 4560, 6075 100 12 pack
Field Point 19/64 55903 2040, 3050, 4560, 6075 125 12 pack
Field Point 17/64 55907 700, 800 100 12 pack
Carbon Express® Inserts #1 W3001 4560, 6075 11 12 pack
Carbon Express® Inserts #4 W3003 2040, 3050 11 12 pack
Predator II Half-out Insert #2 50171 700, 800 46.6 12 pack
Amped-XS TCX Nock Green 50179 700, 800 9 12 pack
Amped-XS TCX Nock White 50177 700, 800 9 12 pack
Amped-XS TCX Nock Yellow 50178 700, 800 9 12 pack
Amped-XS TCX Nock Flo Red 50180 700, 800 9 12 pack
LAUNCHPAD™ Nock Clear Green .244 50264 4560, 6075 9.9 12 pack
LAUNCHPAD™ Nock Clear Yellow .244 50266 4560, 6075 9.9 12 pack
LAUNCHPAD™ Nock Clear Orange .244 50265 4560, 6075 9.9 12 pack
LAUNCHPAD™ Nock Pearl .244 50262 4560, 6075 9.9 12 pack
LAUNCHPAD™ Nock Clear .244 50263 4560, 6075 9.9 12 pack
LAUNCHPAD™ Nock Pearl .234 50239 3050, 2040 9.0 12 pack
LAUNCHPAD™ Nock Clear Green .234 50240 3050, 2040 9.0 12 pack
Parabolic Target Point Glue-In Standard CX 0.244" W2039 4560, 6075 60-100 12 pack
{C} Parabolic Target Point #2 (ID .234) 55920 2040, 3050 90 12 pack
Predator Parabolic Point .203 700 & 800 W4010 700, 800 80 12 pack


Name : Danny Blyth
Location :
Title :
Review : Perfect for what I need.The arrows are made to a high degree,the Fletching on the arrow is perfect,no over spill of glue.Very Happy with the work,Thank's.

Name : Anonymous
Location : Day(s)
Title : good, affordable
Review : good, affordable none happy happy

Hi Guys, just wondering if you have any Carbon Express Predator 2 6075 arrows in stock? Cheers Paul


Carbon Express Predator 2 arrows come complete except for the tip? My question is does it require just the screw in tip or the insert as well ? Regards Mike

They come with the inserts

how many arrows do I get if I purchase this ?


Do I need to buy points or are theses arrows in a 700 spine ready to shoot (do they have glued on points or incerts,cheers

You need to buy points for all arrows - either glue in or screw in. Screw in you need for 700 9/32 points.

Hi I'm am shooting a 40 pound compound bow. I want arrows for hunting. Should I get these arrows or Easton power flights or carbon force hunters or gold tip expedition hunter arrows. Cheers

All arrows are very similar. There are a few different methods for making arrows. Predator are good arrows, all the carbon arrows are good. Carbon Force and Carbon Tech are a bit more expensive as they are made with a wrapping process - the Powerflight has alot of glue in the shaft. So in summary try the different arrows and see which ones you like - you can check the weights of the different arrows. Goldtip is very popular - I use Carbon force, carbon Tech and goldtip, I have not had any problems - If I was going to shoot Carbon Express I would probably go for a higher grade - but as a hunting arrow $100 dz predator is very popular.

Do you have to use those screw in target points for the 3050 arrows or do you have some different screw in points. Thanks

Yes they use screw in - all screw in points work - 5/16 or 9/32 for 30/50 9/32 would work.

I am thinking about getting the 3050 arrows. Can I get any other tips than the parabolic points. Cheers

Yes. 30/50 you want 9/32 points.

Do they come with blazer vanes and nocks

No they normally come with a blazer like nock.

Hi, i have bought these arrows from you and they came with field points, i was just wondering what is the weight of the field points.

Arrows don't come with points. You need to order points separate. You need for Predator 4560, 6075 5/16 or 19/64. The most common weight is 100gr

when you cut the arrows is it only the carbon shaft length I give you or do you include the nock? My bow is set to 29" draw length but my arrows are 28.5" shaft length not including the nock or insert, Which I'm happy with. So do I order 28.5"

I don't include the nock - I just measure shaft length. You can always put a note on the order.

Hi, i'm new to archery. I'm just wondering what you mean by arrow cut? What arrow cut will be suitable for a Cartel Wooden Recurve Bow Limb Length= 68 and Limb Weight=30?I'm looking to get the 2040 size.

What size do you want the arrow cut? I measure the length of the shaft. The longer the arrow the heavier and the softer the spine. In saying that a 2040 is very light so cutting 1" off is not going to make much difference. 1" is about the weight of a nock. A average guy is 29". These arrows will come full length 30".

What points am i meant to get for this from your product list?

different predator arrows take different points. the 700,800 use 17/64 or 9/32 screw in point, the other sizes use 19/64 or 5/16 screw in point. In a target one piece point 700,800 use the predator 700,800 point W4010 2040,3050 use parabolic point #2 code 55920 4560,6075 use CX point code W2039

Hi,I have a Carbontech LT would the 6075 be suitable for this bow set at max poundage which is around 65-70lb also is this sale for 12 arrows,Thanks Tony.

Yes 6075 is for poundage of 60-75#. 1dz arrows is 12 arrows. You need screw in points 5/16 100gr

very new to sport looking at arrows to training on that can take a some accidental abuse. Are these appropriate and how arrows is it for $97

Very popular arrow, carbon is good. There are stronger arrows but they cost more. Great for starting and hunting

Hi, i would like to know of the arrows come in a set? If so a set of what size?? And also, are these compatable with a Cartel Fantom Riser 25 RH?

The arrows come in 1dz. You need to add points. The Spine is dependant on you poundage and draw length. You can check the Carbon Express arrow chart to ensure you get the correct size. Most target recurves will shoot 800,700 a stronger poundage may use 2040