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McKinney Pin Nock dz
Mckinney Pin Nock - Fits McKinney pin, Cartel pin, Easton X10 Pin


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Description: McKinney Nock. The new nocking system for more accuracy and clearance. This durable and accurate polycarbonate nock is designed for archers who want accuracy without the expensive cost of other comparable nocks. Tunable nock that slips right on the new McKinney nock adapter system. One size fits all, including the X10, and ACE pin systems! Florescent Green, Orange, Red and Yellow.

The McKinney Pin nock is proving to be very popular - with stocks selling out.  I personally shoot the Mckinney Pin nock an found that it is very consistent, it fits on the string nicely and comes with nockset grove like the Easton and bieter nocks.  This is quality product

Name : Trent
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Review : Excellent nock in terms of consistency and fit. The nock is very hard so whilst it shatters when hit, it protects the pin very well. The nocks are also one of the cheapest pin nocks on the market but are one of the best quality nocks on the market.

Does the McKinney Pin Nock fit the nano pro Nock pin #2? Phil