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Carbon Tech Cheetah Hunter Shafts dz
Comes with Nocks and Inserts dz

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Description: The fastest all-carbon arrow available today. And not only is it fast, it is extremely durable. Thanks to our special Precision Multi-Directional C.L.D. (Carbon Layered Design) process, the CT Cheetah Hunter is super light and durable with quality that is second to none.
Size / Weight: 650, 25/50 GPI=5.3, 35/60 GPI=6.1, 45/70 GPI=6.4, 55/80 GPI=8.1
Straightness: Straightness +/- .005
Internal Components: Yes
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What inserts do I use on the Cheetah hunter and what size is slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the shaft for a 100 grain RPS point. Can you advise which shaft size is better for a 30" draw 60# DNA? I basically need to know all the parts to order including pin nocks, I've only ever used Easton before.

Carbon Tech is a standard Carbon shaft - so 5/16 points, carbon tech inserts (they come with them), Carbon tech pin adaptors, any pin nock. You need a 400 spine arrow so in the pro 400 45/75.