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Saunders Combo Points 100pk
Reduces wear in 3D targets

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Combo Points™
Low Drag & Less Matt Wear

Combo Points™ have earned endorsement by the major 3-D and foam target manufacturers for their ability to extend target life. Their patented form produces a smaller entry hole. This allows for less drag, greater speed and unsurpassed accuracy. Made of high strength Tellurium alloy steel with rich black oxide finish, the Combo Point™ is the choice of top shooters. No need for old fashion bullet or field points...Combo Points™ out perform them all.

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what size point to fit the victory sport insert. thanks jamie

5/16 points

Hi Steve That's great regarding ""We do have the 17/64 in combo."" but for point size, your website only alows me to select 9/32 5/16 21/64 11/32 for Saunders Combo Points 100pk How would I go about purchasing this online ? Do you need to update your point size selection on the web page first or should I just select 9/32 but say "17/64" in the notes section ? Regards, Brett

That is fine - I will update the web to. 17/64 is rare. Most are 5/16.

Hi Steve. I recently purchased a dozen Easton FMJ(400spine)from you however due to the smaller diameter shaft my current Saunders Points that I used don't sit flush. I was told by a friend that a 17/64 is what I'd need but I don't see this size available for the Saunders Combo Points. Could you recommend/confirm a point / size / brand ? I really like the Saunders, could another size work ? Thanks in advance. Brett

We do have the 17/64 in combo.

Hi Steve, I purchased a PSE drive LT off you a few weeks ago. Love the thing. You threw in some field points for my whitetail arrows. Can you tell me what ones you gave me as I need some more for the dozen whitetails I bought off you this time (which arrived today). I have no idea what point size you gave me? If your not sure I'm ok getting rid of the current ones and buying a new pack of 100? Also I'm not sure what weight you gave me? I think my friend said they are 100grain? my number is 0401573850, if you need to contact me. thanks

5/16. The weight depends on you - 100 grain is standard. 125 is also popular.