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Our most common questions relate to shipping
- How long will it take to get here?
- How much does it cost?
-Where is my parcel?

Once a parcel leaves our store - there is not a lot we can do.  We provide tracking details for all Australian customers.  

Please note with Australia Post or Couriers Please 99% of parcels are fine, but very rarely we have a problem were the parcel is delayed or damaged, or stolen. With Australia post there is not much that can be done and it is hard to talk to a person, with Couriers Please we have $1000 insurance so if the worst happens your shipment is covered.

Australia Post - All Australia Post parcels are tracked. Tracking is not available until it reaches its destination. Australia Post is not insured. Australia Post can not handle longbows or hard bow cases. If Australia Post loose your item or damage your item, Australia Post will tell you they are not responsible and you need to come back to us. We do not replace or refund lost or damaged items sent Australia post. WE SUGGEST ALWAYS USE COURIER. We offer Australia post as an option because some customers prefer Australia post.

Australia Post Express - Please note even though Australia say this is over night - Australia Post will take longer.

FastWay - Tracked at all stages. Three pickups a day. (Not to PO Boxes) All shipments include $1000 insurance.
Rough estimates of time and cost.
Adelaide - Same day (Not guaranteed)/Next Day ($9),
Canberra - Three Days ($10-15)
Melbourne - next day ($10-15),
Sydney - Two days ($10-15)
Tasmania - Three days ($10-15)
Brisbane - Three days ($10-15)
Perth - Four days ($10-15)

FastWay does not deliver to remote areas, there may be additional charges if we need to use a different servince.