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Archery Questions - Mistakes

Q. Correct Nock size on the String of a bow
A. String sizes vary, you can change your center serving to change the thickness of the string to change how your nock fits on the string.  If you nock falls off the string it is to large.  Your nock so click onto the string.  If you draw back your bow and let down and the arrow falls off the string it may be to tight.

There are basically to sizes of nocks small and large.  However I have found while a normal signature nock may fit nicely on a string a large pin nock may be to large.  So with effectively 3 different nocks sizes on the market you may need to change your center serving to fit your nock.

If the nock is to large for you string and you don't want to reserve the center serving you can serve over your centre serving with dental floss to make it a bit thicker. 

Q. My String came off my compound bow or my compound bow blew up
A. If you torque you string on a modern compound bow it is very easy to pull the string off the cam.  If you pull your compound bow with fingers and you twist your hand at an angle (your hand needs to be vertical) then the string will come off the cam.

- Modern compound bows
    -always use a release aid.
    -the hand holding the bow needs to be loose to avoid torquing
    -if the bow is to heavy wind the bow down - 99% of these problems are archers new to compound bows.

Q. My Bow String Broke
A. A single strand of bowstring material will have a breaking strength of 150 lbs.  Bow Strings are typically 18-22 strands so even at the weakest point there is around 1500 lbs of strength.  Your bows peak weight will be less than 80 lbs so it is impossible for the string to break.

With wear and use a string will wear and need to be replaced.  You will see signs of wear on the strands when it becomes fuzzy.  Waxing a string will greatly increase its life by adding moisture and lubrication to the strands.

If a string breaks in the middle of the string.  The general reason will be wear or the nock is to tight.

If the string breaks on a compound bow at the cam - chances are you derailed the bow.  Which means you torqued the string and pulled the string from the cam basically cutting the string.

On a recurve bow the main area for wear is the limb tips.  On cheaper recurves ensure the limb tips are smooth.  There is a heap of different serving material available.  Most recurve strings are made with nylon serving which is the most prone to wear.  Nylon serving is 1/4 the price of better serving material and will have a much shorter life.