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Hand Held release aids

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Junxing Thumb release
Cheap hand held three finger release. There...
Topoint TP425 4 finger Thumb Release
Has tension and travel adjustment.
War Wolf WX-4 Ring Thumb Release
Budget thumb release - similar look to expensive...
Topoint TP420 Thumb Release
3 or 4 finger release.
War Wolf WX-2 Ring Thumb Release
Budget release - can be a 3 or four finger...
TRU Ball Champ
Thumb release for smaller hands, suitable...
TRU Ball Max Hunter 3 caliper Head
Thumb release good introduction release,...
Spot Hogg Keeton Release
Combines the best of a hand held and wrist...
Spot Hogg Friday Night Delight Release
The Saturday Night Special is a three-finger...
Spot Hogg Saturday Night Special Release
The Saturday Night Special is a three-finger...
TRU Ball Max Pro Plus hand held release Black with lanyard (4 finger)
Ergonomic Head. Head swivels 360 degrees....
TRU Ball TREX 4 finger Thumb release
new for 2018 the TRex allows you to adjust...
TRU Ball Fang 3 Thumb Release
Full containment thumb release with sensitivity...
TRU Ball Rave 3 finger Thumb release
Rave allows you to adjust the travel and...
Scott Pursuit Thumb release
Thumb release with wrist strap.
Spot Hogg Whipper Snapper 3 finger
New for 2012. This thumb release activates...
Tru-Fire Thor Thumb Release
converts from 3 to 4 finger, Adjustable...
B3 Exit thumb release Grey
The Exit features a hardened stainless steel...
Scott Sigma finger Thumb release aid
Thumb trigger release from Scott archery
Hot Shot X-Spot Brass Knuckles Thumb release
Brass thumb release, really heavy. The trigger...
Carter Too Simple 3 finger
Easy adjustment trigger, easy to load. Great...
Carter Insatiable 2
the Insatiable 2 has an improved internal...
Carter Insatiable 3
Long-anticipated by Insatiable fans, at last...
Carter Just Cuz
Designed by Jerry Carter and World Champion...
Carter Target 3
World champion Dave Cousins said, "It is...
Carter Target 4
Formerly known as the BK Target, the Target...
Carter Convertible Release
2 or 3 finger release. Shoot as either a...
Carter 3D 2000
The 3D 2000 is a combination of the Gorilla...
Carter Insatiable
Shot by world champions - curved handle
Carter Fits Me Too (3 finger)
new - for the smaller hands
Carter Just B Cuz release
The slight curvature to this three-finger...
Carter EZ release 3 finger
Easy adjustment trigger, easy to load.
Carter Chocolate Addiction (2 finger)
This trigger release is loaded with great...
Carter Easy 1
Looking for a hand held release that is easy...
Carter Plain 1
The Plain one cocks and closes the jaw in...
Carter Chocolate Lite (3 finger)
Like the Chocolate Addiction the hook is...
Carter Chocolate Lite 4 finger
The Chocolate Lite is a new revolutionary...
Carter Hammer Release
The Hammer was designed and named after Tim...
Carter Sensation release aid
Thumb release designed to be the same as...
Carter Too Simple 4 finger
Easy adjustment trigger, easy to load. Great...