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Primos Third Degree game call
High pitch squeal
Primos Hunting Cat Nip, Rabbit & Fawn Distress Predator Call
Randy Anderson says that this is the best...
Primos Hog Grunter
Hog squeals are made by both boars and sows....
Sceery Outdoors - Rodent Coaxer
Extra high-pitched for close range calling...
Primos Hot Dog Predator call
To call foxes - creates sounds like rabbits...
Primos Hunting Speak Easy Electronic Deer Caller
The Primos® SpeakEasy™ Electronic Deer Call...
Western Rivers Six Shooter Electronic Predator game call
With 6 game calls loaded, woodpecker distress,...
Primos Hunting Dogg Catcher Predator Caller
This compact and simple to use electronic...
Western Rivers Mantis Predator
25 pre loaded calls - Jack Rabbit, Coyote,...