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Tru Fire Draw Check Tool
Save customers accidentally dry firing a...
PSE Economy wrist release
Velcro strap. The most popular archery release...
Trufire  Wrist Assist
Enjoy the best of both worlds when drawing...
TruFire Smoke Fold back Wrist release
3/4" length adjustment, compact size with...
Tru-Fire Bulldog Foldback
Spring jaw which keeps the jaw closed, good...
Tru-Fire Edge Buckle Foldback
Camo leather buckle foldback
Tru-Fire Hardcore Foldback Buckle
Built for D loops, Center Pivoting Technology...
Trufire Edge Buckle foldback black release
Quick and easy trigger adjustment. Length...
Tru-Fire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Pink release
Pink camo head and brushed buckle strap....
Trufire Edge Buckle foldback  MAX black release
An additional model option for our popular...
Tru-Fire Chicken Wing Wrist Release
Interchangeable single or double trigger,...
Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 camo Release
Machine aluminum handle and head. Four finger,...
Tru-Fire Hardcore 4 carbon Release
Machine aluminum handle and head. Four finger,...
Tru-Fire Thor Thumb Release
converts from 3 to 4 finger, Adjustable...
Tru-Fire Sear 3 Finger Release Aid with adjustable 4th finger option
3 position adjustable thumb placement, fully...