X Sight archery glasses - 4 lens set
X Sight glasses are made for archery. With no nose piece they fit tight so you can see the target. With four coloured lens you have a lens for each condition

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Why use X Sight Pro archery shooting glasses?

Many archers have struggled for a long time to find a suitable pair of sunglasses for archery that allow them to shoot with no visual obstructions. X Sight has designed a professional interchangeable frame-less lens system specifically designed with the archer in mind.

Most standard sunglasses are manufactured with two lenses and feature a nose bridge and a gap in-between. Many archers find that at the point of anchor and aim they are looking directly through the gap in-between. If that’s not the only problem, most standard glasses and sunglasses have visual obstructions caused by the frame or the nose pads.

The X Sight Pro lenses have no nose piece which is a feature specifically designed to allow lens to skin contact and eliminate the obstructions. This is a major benefit to archers who have had to remove their sunglasses to shoot, because as a result of this, your eyes are shocked by the sudden change in light which disrupts your ability to remain relaxed and focused during your shot.

The X Sight Pro archery shooting glasses have been designed to maximise your field of vision with a large frame-less mask lens. This creates lens to skin contact around the nose resulting in clear unobstructed aiming and a full view of the target through the lens at full draw.

With the addition of a set of X Sight Pro archery shooting glasses to your set up, you can now shoot all day with sunglasses on.

Here are just a few of the features and advantages to using X Sight Pro archery shooting glasses:

  • The extra large mask lens design wraps around the face offering maximum coverage and an unobstructed peripheral vision at full draw for a clear unobstructed view of the target.
  • Specifically designed without the nose piece unlike other glasses on the market which once removed can become uncomfortable over time and allow light leakage.
  • The X Sight Pro  lens design makes close skin contact around the most common area for visual obstructions – the nose bridge.
  • Designed to fit all shapes and sizes with flexible and comfortable arms.
  • Flexible arms contour comfortably around the head with the added stability of silicon anti slip pads to make sure the glasses stay secure.
  • The lightweight design of X sight sunglasses provides maximum comfort and helps reduce all felt weight on the bridge of the nose. You’ll forget you’re wearing them.
  • The X Sight Pro lenses are made of a strong polycarbonate. These are up to 10 times more impact-resistant than standard plastic or glass lenses.
  • Interchangeable lenses to suit the ambient conditions or help subdue the appearance of certain colours on the target.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor archery whether you’re shooting in low light, medium light or bright light.
  • Shooting in bright light conditions without sunglasses leads to eye fatigue which results in a lack of visual and mental focus.X sight Pro archery sunglasses promote a relaxed optical experience resulting in better technique in bright light.
  • Helps to relax your facial muscles during your shot with aids consistency.
  • Shield your eyes from unwanted distractions such as wind and dust.
  • Maintain healthy eyes on the shooting line. 100% UV lens technology, absorbing harmful UVA and UVB rays.

For more information about the performance advantages of using X Sight archery sunglasses check out our Performance Page and our Technology page

Lens colours included :

Emphasise the gold by decreasing the appearance of red
Suitable for low to medium light conditions
Indoor & outdoor

Subdue blue & red
Brighten conditions. Perfect for evening outdoor shooting.
Enhance contrast and clarity
Suitable for low light conditions
Indoor & outdoor

Subdue green and emphasise the gold by decreasing the appearance of red
Increase target contrast
Suitable for medium light conditions
Indoor & outdoor

Increased target contrast
Suitable for bright light conditions

Name : Tony
Location : Adelaide
Title : X Sight archery glasses
Review : Been shooting with these glasses for 2 days and they are brilliant and for $195 you can't go wrong.

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