Thunder Express Arrows each
Suitable for upto 35# good begineer arrow

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Safety & Durability With Every Shot
For use with bows up to 35 lbs.
Black fiberglass construction


Milled point design for correct front-of-center balance
Replaceable nocks/points
3" Vanes

A great kids arrow designed with safety and economy in mind. Each shaft is fletched with three quality vanes. Nocks and points can be replaced. Thunder Express arrows are designed for bows with a draw weight of 40 lbs. or less.

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Review : woody

Name : Anonymous
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Title : Cheap
Review : Cheap Heavy for 20lbs Very Hard to pull from targets Mark

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Title : Good value
Review : Good value Hard to pull out of target due to type of point Online Shopper

Do these arrows work with this bow:

Yes but the Goldtip lighting are better. They have a proper point, they are carbon, so lighter and they fly better.

Does this arrow come with nocks?

they are complete ready to use. Comes with nock, points are vanes - ready to go

Hi, I'm interested in trying out archery but I don't have a lot of money. I'm getting the "Martin XR Recurve Bow Kit" because I can get it under $60. I am looking for extra arrows and with arrows being different sizes I'm confused as to what I'll need. The bow will be 46", could you please advise on what length arrows I should get?

The length of the arrow depends on your size. A 46" bow is for a 10 year old so 26" will be fine for someone generally upto 12. Average Male is 29"

Is it possible to purchase these arrows without a point so that I can attach blunts? As I am in Canberra can they be collected or do they have to be mailed? Many thanks, Susannah

Sorry the points are glued in at the factory. Sorry I don't have pickups.

Hi! I'm a beginner and a little confused about sizing. My coach has told me to get 1516 arrows (complete) at 650mm long (we can cut to length however if necessary). I don't understand the sizing system here. Do these arrows cover what I am looking for? Cheers, Pip

1516 are light arrows. I sell 1516 shafts they are alluminum but you will need to make them. Fibreglass arrows are really for schools and begineers They don't shoot very well but are tough.

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