Infitec Archery Crux Weight 7.0 oz
Gives the appearance of seven weights. Thread 1/4-20.

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The infitec crux weights will add 7.0 oz to the weight of your bow. 
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Hi there Will these fit on the 30 inch sf axiom + stabilizer and 12 inch ones too I have the axiom + 30 inch and 12 inch and its on a cartel compound v bar its on a bear attitude with drop away arrow rest and topoint single sight and use a stan black pearl release and bow is at 55 pound and using easton powerflight 400 spine so was thinking i need 3 or 4 times the long bar tip weight to balance and would the win and win 70 dollar arrows be better then the eastons

Yes the Crux fits the axiom stabilizer. The Win and Win arrows are good. I use the Win an Win challenger arrows for recurve. It depends on the Win and Win arrows. You need to get the spine right. Some of the Win and win arrows will have small nocks for recurve you can fit large for compound or pins then pin nocks.

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