Topoint T3 Compound Bow Black 50-60#RH
Machined riser, Cams are fully machined very similar to the Mathews Chill R. Focus grip like a Mathews.IBO 340fps, axle to axle 31", weight 3.95#. Draw length is adjusted by use of modules (purchased seperately).

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​The T3 comes with parallel prestressed limbs for a quiet shooting bow with no recoil.  The roller cable slide silimiar to what Mathews use makes the bow quiet by reducing cable movement.  The cams are machined and have roller bearings similar to the Mathews.

The limb pockets are machined and anodized.

The bow can be turned down 3 turns which reduces the poundage by 10#.  Draw length is adjusted by fitting new modules 26-30"

The bow handle is fitted with 2 dampeners to reduce noise and vibration.

Overall this is a nice shooting bow and it shoots similar to a Mathews.  The finish is not as good as a Mathews and the bow is not backed by Mathews but it is cheaper.
  • Bow limb import from USA special limb supplier
  • CNC machining bow riser,material:6061-T6
  • CNC machining bow cam,material:7075-T6
  • Surface finish: anodize or camo water transfer
  • Bow string use BCY material
1 year warranty.

The bow is pictured with optional accessories.  Which can be fitted to the bow.  Rough price on the accessories pictured is $100.
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Review : I recently purchased a Topoint T3 and must say that I am impressed with the look, feel and performance of this bow. At 30" draw at 50lb it has a large and smooth let-off with a solid feeling wall. The release is smooth with near zero recoil or noise with no vibration. With a light weight and short bow to carry through the bush, I can't wait to put it through its paces on my next hunt. I am sure it will perform as well in the hunt as it does in the field.

Hi Steve after watching your review on youtube just wondering if the t3 will have a 60, to 70 lbs bow on the market and is it possible to get a set set of limbs to do it and at what cost would it be the bow looks like a good value and just looking foward to your responce thanks james

The T3 is available in a 60 - 70#

Steve I will be buying a compound bow off you within the 1 month before I move back to N.S.W. in about 8-12 weeks. It will be for BOTH hunting and target (joining a club).....When hunting use a bow quiver, with target a side quiver. Toss up between hard and soft case..based on price....versus pros and cons lol I was choosing between a PSE Stinger X and a Topoint T3 I'll need a hard case 12 arrows. I am looking to come down in probably 1st or 2nd week of April Cheers Paul

Hard cases take more space. I use soft case, country people with utes normally buy a hard case. Hard case can be broken. Stinger X vs T3. T3 has a machined riser the Stinger is cast. Stinger is single cam with compression limbs the T3 is a twin cam. Stinger is adjustable draw length, T3 you need to buy modules.

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