Mathews Mini Genesis compound bow Black
6-12#, 14-25" draw. One bow fits everyone.

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Mini Genesis™

The Mini Genesis™ - a smaller, lighter version of the Original Genesis™ bow that
allows youngsters to shoot.

Just like the Original Genesis™, the Mini offers “zero let-off” so that there is no set draw length. The Mini Genesis™ can be drawn to a wide range of lengths, whatever fits that particular young shooter. The zero let-off feature helps to “pull” the string from the fingers upon release, making it easy to shoot. And at only 2 pounds physical weight, the bow is easy for youngsters to draw and aim without getting fatigued.

Mini Genesis™ Starts 'em Younger!
Smaller, lighter version of the original Genesis™ bow allows youngsters to shoot

Featuring the same revolutionary technology as the original Genesis™ bow, the Mini Genesis™ is scaled to fit even smaller-framed youngsters. Weighing only 2 pounds, and with adjustable draw weights of 6 to 12 pounds, the Mini Genesis™ fits even pre-schoolers who are ready for the unique thrills of archery.

The Mini Genesis™ features:

29 1/2" axle-to-axle length
6 1/8" brace height
Adjustable draw weight 6-12 pounds
Draw length range of 14-25 inches
2 pounds mass weight
Carbon cable guard
Five popular flavors (red cherry, blue raspberry, black licorice, pink lemonade and camo)

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Can you recommend some made arrows to suit this bow? Users draw I've calculated to be about 16 inches. Looking for durability rather than range or accuracy. Thanks!

Gold tip Lighting are strong and good for starting. You can get lighter arrows but the will cost more. Carbon Express Predator 800 are popular.

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