PSE Stinger X Compound Bow Pro Kit with Hard Case
IBO 315 fps. 3.5 lbs. This kit is all setup ready to use - with Hard Case - 12 gold tip arrows, sight, quiver, release, biscuit rest, stabilizer, dloop, sling, peep. Great bow

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The PSE Stinger is the classic workhorse bow for the aspiring hunter, and now the all-new 2015 PSE Stinger X has taken that reputations for affordable performance to a whole new level! Featuring high-performance X-Tech split limbs and the highly-adjustable SX cam, shooting the Stinger X means having a bow that's lighter, faster, and delivers a smooth shot and legendary reliability at an unforgettable price.
The Kit
  • PSE Stinger X compound bow
  • 5 pin Fibre optic sight
  • Biscuit rest
  • sling
  • Stabilizer
  • Peep fitted at 6 1/2" above nocking point
  • Hard bow case
  • Dloop
  • 12 Gold Tip Hunter EXP arrows
  • Release aid
  • Bow Quiver
Brace Height : 7 1/8"
Axle-to-Axle : 32 1/2"
FPS : 316 - 308
Let-off : 75%
Mass Weight : 3.5lbs
Poundage : 40, 50, 60 or 70
Colours :  Black, Skullz, IF Camo
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Hey. I dont know if this has been asked or not but i was wondering if its possible to add a afterpay checkout.


Do you do this kit in the 2017 model?

This is our kit. The Stinger did not change from 2016 to 2017. We have Stinger bows come in weekly as it is the largest selling bow.

So if i order a 70# bow you will back it off 5 turns what does that make the poundage?

Depends on the draw length but it would roughly be around 52 pounds

Hey there what is the draw length and weight at factory settings?

Length is 29", bows are set on maximum. We shoot bows before we send them out. We tend to wind the bow back 5 turns so when you get the bow is will be about 10# off maximum. I found it reduced problems.

Is this bow the 2016 model


Hey if i get the 60lb, whats the minimum lb it will wind down to. Cheers :)

40 lbs

Hi, whats the draw length on this bow


Hi, im looking at buying the 2015 PSE stinger pro bow kit($800). Im wanting to know what the minimum draw length the bow has. Im a short fella, As far as ive worked out my total arm span(65inches) divided by 2.5 makes my draw length 26inches. I just want to make sure it will suit me. Also do you guys set my draw length up for me taking the release aid into account? Kind regards Ken Riddle

Stinger goes to 21-30"

I live on a secluded farm that a courier wont find can I get a courier to drop it at a local post office for me to pick up?

It depends where you are. It may be best for Australia post

Hey just wondering what spine are the arrows that come with the pse stingerx pro kit?


Hey if i get the 70lb in this will it go down to 40lb? Or 50lb


Hey just wondering if I get the 70# in this bow, what's the lowest it will wind down to? Cheers

The Stinger will go down to 50lb.

From max draw weight, how many pounds can it be brought down, and what brand sight comes with this bow

30# of adjustment. Sight is our own 5 pin fibre optic - very similar to the PSE orion sight. The sight is worth $30.

Do you have an email address that i can contact you on?

Yes - I don't publish it due to spam - what do you need. I receive about 200 emails a day. You can always phone if you have a question.

Is the draw weight adjustable on the 2015 PSE stinger? I am looking at one for my wife and want to start down at 40lbs or so but have the option to increase it if she wants.

The 2015 has a lot of adjustment. It has 12 turns on the limbs and grow with you setting on the cable.

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