Single pin Hunting sight Moveable
Comes with light. .19 fiber. Slide the sight to the distance you are shooting. Micro adjustment left to right.

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Comes with light. .19 fiber. Slide the sight to the distance you are shooting. Micro adjustment left to right.
Name : Scott Mitchell
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Review : Excellent piece of kit, basic but well built and is all you will ever need. Not flash just sturdy.

Name : Steven
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Review : Inexpensive not Cheap. The light that comes with the sight has 4 settings so a nice light which normally retails at $35. The sight is well made it has 2 slots to bolt onto your bow so you can position the sight were you need it. The attachment for the quiver is all machined very nice. Micro adjustment is nice. The pin you will notice is angled at 45 degrees. This is done so you don't focus on the stick holding the pin. In fact by putting it at 45 degrees the stick is meant to disappear when you aim an it does. Most single pin sights the pin comes up from the bottom. This is a nice feature which you find on expensive sights. I'm shooting the fastest bow made the PSE Full Throttle and the lightest arrows Carbon Tech Cheetah so the arrows are super fast. The sight has no rattles or noise. Nothing has come loose. Like the sight a fraction of the price of the HHA and many features which the HHA does not have. A great buy. No down side I can see. A well made item at a great price

When are you getting more stock?

We have plenty

When do you expect more stock in of these sights?

We have plenty

What is the scope/housing size?


Does this sight convert to left hand or is that special order

You can fit it upside down so not really

How do you sight this in do you need to get a sight tape or?

Generally the sight comes with at least 1 blank tape which you can put your own settings. With some of the sights they also supply marked tapes which can be installed after getting your original settings .

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