Darton DS-3914 Compound bow
IBO 355 fps, 34" axle to axle, 5 1/2" brace, 4 lbs. Darton modified the 3800 to increase speed. You can modify the let off from 80% to 65%

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Darton have a unique grip which is liked by many archers, smooth cam.  Nice balanced and shooting bow.


Tech Information:

Bowstring Length: 58 1/8” Power Cable Length: 31 5/8" Yoke Cables: 14”

Bowstring measurements are with twist, Power cable measurements are without twist. Add (8-12) twist to Power Cables to get correct tune.

Smooth, Quiet & Just Plain Fast!

The DS-3914 is a modified version of the Darton Flagship DS-3800, but uniquely different in many ways. The DS-3914 uses the proven 3800 DualSync Series riser equipped with modified EET Laminated Quad Limbs to power the latest design DualSync Cams for both maximum speed and efficiency. A 33 7/8” axle-to-axle, the DS-3914 has a comfortable, well-balanced feel in the hand that is missing from most low brace height bows. The DS-3914 features an aggressive draw cycle and lower brace height, a true Muscle Bow. Competitive sports speak of players that have “It”, that unrivaled trait that brings out the best performance to win. Once you shoot the DS-3914, you will say this bow has “It”. If you have a short draw length and feel you’ve had to settle for something less than top performance you need to try this bow. It will make your day.


The DS-3914 includes Darton’s draw stop modules that enable shooters to tweak the amount of cam let-off to fit their shooting style. By adding a draw stop adjustment module to the end of the draw module you are able to incrementally adjust the effective let-off from near 80% to 65%.

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Review : I shot Mathews for years. Swore by the brand until I saw the DS 3800 being shot by another die hard Mathews owner. I bought the DS 3914 as soon as I got back from that KY hunt. FAST, Super QUIET. Smooth like a KY Burboun. I now relegate my Drenalin to back up. I did not realize how noisy my Mathews was until I shot both bows. Huge difference. Get this bow. Get into your stand and kill something.

Hi if I buy this bow with a trophy ridge revolution 2.0 and some d-loop string (and a hard case) would you set the rest and d-loop up for me or would I be better off with a whisker biscuit . Thanks Phil .

Yes we setup everything just put it in the notes. Whisker Biscuit account for 90% of all arrow rests sold. They are simple and you have no problems with them. I would suggest a biscuit.

I would like to purchase this bow with the ds-3800 field ready package how much would that cost?

Same Price

What colours does this bow come in?

Camo, Black and red

Hi I have a ds-3800 I got from you guys a few years back and I really like the look of the ds-3914 is there any chance of getting a field ready package or make suggestions on an appropriate order

Yes we can add any kit to the bow just select the kit you see on other bows. Number of arrows and case. Just put it in the notes

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