Perfectline Compound bow 60# 27-29" Camo Kit
Kit includes sight, arrow rest, 2 carbon arrows.

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The compound bow is a cast riser, solid limb with round wheels.

This is a begineers compound.  Suitable for 20-30 metres. 

Kit comes with sight, arrow rest and 2 carbon arrows.

The bow kit is not setup so you will need to fit the arrow rest and sight.
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what is the poundage also is it suitable for a 12 year old boy

60 pound, I would say too heavy for a 12 yr old

Hi,how many full turns of the limb bolts is recommended to change from maximum draw weight to minimum draw weight. Thanks

Sorry I don't know. You can wind it out till the limb is just above the riser. But the strings and cables will be slack and not shoot very well. With this bow 1 turn is a lot because it is not pretension on the limbs so the bow lacks performance the more you wind it down

if it is a right hand setup what hand pulls the string back

the right hand set up means that you hold the bow with your left hand and draw the bow with the right hand.

is 29" the maximum arrow length that this bow will take?


what is the draw weight of this bow (minimum and maximum)

down to 40#

how many pounds does this have is it over 23

75# maximum

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