Legend Double Two compound bow case Orange
Holds two compounds and arrows, 45"X14"X2.4"

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Fit 2 compound bows in the new Double Two case. Superior strength thanks to it's metallic structure, inside riveted straps to block the bows. Thick foam and PE board panels offer very good protection for both bows. Any compound archer who need to carry 2 bows must consider this great case.

• Oversized waterproof zippers
• Front pocket for arrows box
• Inside mesh pocket
• Back pocket
• Shoulder strap
• Comes in 116cm length

Approx Size: 116cm x 38cm x 20cm


If you have taken up archery but find that your arrows never stick in anything you shoot at, we think you are missing the point. No one can miss the point of this great bag though. For those super expert, or just show off archers this Compound Bow Case Double Two will hold two bows so you can feel extremely powerful. You are the belle of the ball, the envy of all because you have this high end bag to cart both your bows around in. In fact, you should just strut around the city with it on your back for the sheer pleasure of seeing everyone be impressed.

In this bag you get really thick foam inside so your equipment is protected effectively as well as PE board panels for more durability. The structure is the best feature since it is not only strong but you can rest assured that it will be with you for years to come. Strong nylon throughout means that it can take a lot of wear before it will ever tear. Waterproof oversized zippers are sewn on every pocket to protect your equipment in wet weather. The front pocket can house your arrows box, an inside mesh pocket is great for small items and a back zippered pocket will keep any items safe and dry. It comes with a carrying handle and a shoulder strap as well. From end to end this bag measures 45 1/2” or 116cm. It is really worth the investment.

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Review : Mine just arrived by courier yesterday. What else can I say but what a great case! Fits my Hoyt VE+ easily plus all the extras (quiver etc) and my son decided his case was no longer good enough, so his Ruckus and all his gear is in it as well - 'till I buy him one for Chrissy!

Do you think this case will fit a Hoyt Pro Comp Elite???


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