Sneaky Leaf - Fall Blend
Eliminates hunter's outline allowing you to disappear in the woods

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Redesigned with stronger leaves and more realistic vein patterns.  Included Safety Pins, or Sticky Patches, for application to clothing, bows, blinds, guns, etc.  A high quality reproduced artificial leaf that when applied to existing camouflage transforms it into the most natural looking, realistic camouflage available to hunters today.
"Thanks to your products, we go into the woods more confident than ever before, because we know we are using the best products available.  SneakyLeaf is the best camo enhancer money can buy. Keep up the good work, and thanks for helping us as hunter's become more successful at what we love to do!"
Steve Miller
Spring Season PA
Randy from Springfield, MO wrote...
"I have always wore camo clothing while hunting Missouri large and small game. I have tried many different camo patterns, but many times the game would look at me in a focused manner realizing that I was something not natural to the surroundings. This happened even if I had not moved at all. I have always been what I think is a very successful hunter, but over the past year of hunting, I have been even more successful and I think it is due to my use of your product SneakyLeaf 3D. All type of Missouri game have gotten much closer to me without recognizing me as unnatural in their world. When squirrels, turkey, predators and deer look in my direction now, I can tell that they are not focusing on me. I can tell that they are looking past me or focusing beyond my position. I don't know exactly how to describe it, I just know that they are not getting a visual lock on me. I attach the SneakyLeaves mostly on my periphery edges so that my outline is obscured by these leaves and I do attach some on the front and back sort of randomly. The leaves attach firmly and easily with the small black safety pins provided. Hunting on days where there is a wind or breeze makes the leaves move with the same frequency as the other natural foliage nearby. The leaves come in summer green and autumn brown and color change stages in between these two so that the hunter can choose leaf color that best matches the hunting season. It adds a whole new dimension to the hunter that likes to still hunt on a windy day. Of all the camo clothes that I have used, I believe that this product is absolutely the best in providing the level of visual concealment that avid hunters desire. Thank you very much for this fine inexpensive hunting aid. For the first time in all my years of hunting, I feel unseen by game even at close range."
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