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The Arizona E-Z Fletch PRO is the fastest fletching tool on the market today.Fletch a dozen arrows in 30 minutes or less. The E-Z Fletch PRO automatically adjusts to any size from 2013 to 2514, One tool allows the application of all three vanes or feathers at the same time. E-Z FLETCH PRO tools are available in the four styles listed below.

 #STO 4 degree offset (4 degree)
#ST1 straight (1 degree)
#RT1 right (8 degree)
#LT1 left (8 degree)
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Hi Steve, I have gold tip arrows 5575-400 with 4" fletch offset I think 8 degrees looking from the nock end of arrow to point running left to right. Is the E-Z fletching tool #RT 1 right (8 degree) the correct style to order. Regards Rob

The 4" which we make are done on a Bitz jig helical. The 4" from Goldtip are straight. The EZ fletcher will do the same vane but you will need to refletch the vanes on the arrow so the sit correctly.

HI STEVE What arizona ez fletch jig has the severest helical for better twist.i need to order one thanks owen

Ez fletch comes Straight or Helical. You need a helical Carbon one.

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