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Reduces wear in 3D targets

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Combo Points™
Low Drag & Less Matt Wear

Combo Points™ have earned endorsement by the major 3-D and foam target manufacturers for their ability to extend target life. Their patented form produces a smaller entry hole. This allows for less drag, greater speed and unsurpassed accuracy. Made of high strength Tellurium alloy steel with rich black oxide finish, the Combo Point™ is the choice of top shooters. No need for old fashion bullet or field points...Combo Points™ out perform them all.

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Do these come with inserts?


Hello, I am currently testing different arrow point weights and I would like to buy a 85 and a 100 grain tip from the 5/16 Saunders combo target points range of arrow tips. Is it possible for me to buy one of each of these tips and if so how much would it cost? Thanks,

$1 each

Hi would the saunders combo points good for the eaton game getter sharfts, or what point would you suggest for target thanks

100gr - the size will depend on the arrow chosen

Hi, I purchased a 2014 drive LT, it came with 2 x weave stl hunter 200, are these the tips that come with those? If it is what size?

5/16 100gr

what size, if any, will fit Carbon Express Predator 2 Arrows 2040? would this setup be ok for a 40# target recurve?

2040 9/32. The weight is up to you 100gr is standard. 2040 mean for bows 20# and 40#. With a recurve you need to get the arrow to flex out of the bow so getting the right arrow is tough and can be a bit of trial and error. I find the arrow charts are a bit stiff for a recurve so I tend to shoot 1 under the chart. 40# recurve it depends alot on the bow and the draw length. the 2040 may be to light 3050 may be a safer start.

what size points would you recommend for 340 Easton Powerflight Shafts?

5/ 16" 100gr or 125gr. 100gr is more popular.

Are these points able to shoot 3d targets?

Yes - they are designed for 3D targets

hi i brought a pse brut kit from you it came with carbon force stl hunter 300 arrows what weight and size tips do they have?

5/16. Weight 100gr is standard. Some people prefer 125gr.

What size target tip would fit the easton axis, meaning the 9/32 etc.

I think so

what size combo point would be good for a easton powerflight 500 with an insert

5/16 for standard carbon shafts, however some people like 9/32 as it is a bit smaller and does not catch on targets.

How many points do you get for the $9.00?

1dz or 12

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