Whisker Biscuit Power Shot camo
The most popular arrow rest.

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  • Windage and elevation adjustment
  • Laser-engraved reference marks
  • Custom rubber boots silence arrow loading
  • Universal right and left hand
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Is this made of metal or plastic? Plastic whisker biscuit rest i have is pretty rubbish.

plastic. Metal is the Pro version

Hi,i'd like to know whats the difference between a power and a kill shot whisker biscuit?thanks

Nothing I know of

Hi there, I bought pse coyote takedown bow from you guys and this arrow rest with it, but when I went to set up the bow, the guy from one archery store said that he couldn't centre shot the arrow rest. It won't move to the side enough. Just slightly out off the line. Is this rest compatible with this bow? It seems it isn't and I think you should have mentioned that in the description. What can I do now? Thank you.

I would have thought it fitted. You string the bow and when you setup the rest you want the arrow slightly left of the center of the grip. Most people would use a Centerest or Centerflipper but I am preatty sure people have shot whisker biscuits with the bow. If the rest is new and in packaging you can return it, or you would pad the biscuit out a little, the coyote has a big cut away riser.

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