Darton DS3814 compound bow
Smooth and Fast. 350 FPS, 4.1 lbs, 6" Brace Height, 34" axle to axle.25-31" draw length with modules. Modules need to be purchased

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A Muscle Bow with Manners!

The continually improving DS-3814 is the best choices for the majority of serious Bowhunters and/or 3D Shooters; a no compromise bow with speed to burn. The speed this bow is capable of makes judging distance a less critical part of the equation. Some shooters have found that when they switch to the DS-3814, they can drop down in bow weight and still shoot the same arrows faster and flatter. Because of Darton’s continued efforts to improve, one of the main features that set the DS-3814 apart from the rest of the crowd is its shootabilty.  With its smooth draw cycle, forgiving valley, and dampened shooting characteristics, Darton has truly created "A Muscle Bow with Manners!"


The DS-3814 includes Darton’s draw stop modules that enable shooters to tweak the amount of cam let-off to fit their shooting style. By adding a draw stop adjustment module to the end of the draw module you are able to incrementally adjust the effective let-off from near 80% to 65%.

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also sorry but whats the dif between the DS3800 and DS3814


what year is this bow, darton DS3814. I think they updated limb pockets for 2017.

Sorry I have not updated the description.

Are you able to get a DS3700 as it goes to 32" draw length? If so what price? plus, what is Darton Warranty?

Darton is 5 year warranty. Darton make the 3800,3900,4800

Hi, Do you have this bow in stock as L/H, 70lbs, in Camo?

Generally not L/H. they take 2 weeks to come in

I'm looking at buying new bow I brought a darton vapour form here about 7 year ago I'm look at something smooth to shoot but shoots Realy flat and fast I'm open too other bands

The Darton 3814 is a great shooting bow. It is fast and flat. It has a nice grip. Other top end bows similar PSE DNA SP, Mathews Chill R. The Chill is a bit slower than the Darton the PSE is about the same. I like the Darton and the people I have sold them too all like them and still shoot them.

Hi, the new darton 3814, will they do a custom in it to 90lb draw weight? Thanks Mark Stephens


Good afternoon, I was interested in a Darton bow but preferably the 3914 for the additional speed for 3D and hunting applications. The reduced brace height I thought would not be much of an issue with good shooting form. As it uses the same cam, I thought the draw cycle would be similar to the 3814 which is regarded as being smooth for such a fast bow. Other reasons for my interest in Darton are the cams will not go out of timing with string stretch and the ability to change the draw length module without a bow press and the reputation for reliability. I am interested in a 60-70lb with a 29 and 29.5 inch draw length modules in left hand. I am worried about the small change in draw length between what manufacturers quote and give int he back wall. Do you have the 3914 in the above configuration in stock or can it be ordered? How long will it take? I would appreciate your opinion on the Darton products. Regards Darren

Darton are good. Most brands are good. Darton is a little unique, if you have and older Darton you will find the grip on the new model almost the same. People really like the grip. As you say people like the draw and the shot. In head to head shooting the Darton is nice and everyone I have sold people are still shooting and happy with it. I agree I have not see much difference in brace height shooting, but saying that I also have not seem much difference in the extra speed you pick up. Even the 3814 is fast once you shoot 350fps it is quick. You will notice 370fps but 5fps it is hard to tell. I really like Darton for the reasons mentioned, the grip is nice, it is well balanced. What lets Darton down is marketing, price and finish. Darton don't give away alot of bows or pay shooters to shoot them and they don't have alot of marketing. It is a similar price to other makes, the finish on limb pockets looks a bit cheap. But saying that Dartons I have sold have been sold to people who had more expensive bows by other manufacturers and they much prefer the Darton. They say they grouping is better and they find it much easier to shoot. On draw length it is tough, I change my draw length all the time and I have been shooting 30 years. Darton's draw length is adjusted by modules so you will need to buy a new module if you want to try a new draw length. Which is better than buying new wheels but not as good as rotating a module. I tend to stock what sells, I tend to have the 3814 in stock. No one has yet asked for the 3914, when they do I will probably stock that too, however Darton tend to have fast shipping with 90% of bows coming in 7 days. So if you prefer the 3914 just order it and I would guess the wait time will be small. Summary when you get a Darton - you will love the way it shoots, your mates will love the way it shoots but it may not look as good as your mates.

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