Rick McKinney's "Simple Art of Winning"
The best archery teaching book on the market. Rick takes your through the steps that have enabled him to be a world champion

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Description: “Simple Art of Winning” Rick McKinney’s famous instructional book on how to shoot archery. Covers form, technique, equipment, physical training and the most detailed explanation of mental training for archers.

This is beyond doubt the best value for money archery book on the market.  You will re-read this book for many years.

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Hi, Could you advise if this is a book suitable for a young lad just starting out. He is 13 years of age. Thanks Barb

I think it is the best archery book. It goes through everything. However for a kid starting out it will be a while till he needs the level of detail contained in the book. The book is suitable for people who aspire to shoot olympics.

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