Fibreglass Bow 60" 30#

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Title : Easy to string, easy to shoot.
Review : Easy to string, easy to shoot. nil - Patty

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Title : good value for money and ready to use as it is.
Review : good value for money and ready to use as it is. not for the price. one end nock wasn't secure and needed regluing. Not a big problem though. Ben

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would this be a good bow for a 12 year olds first bow? please answer ASAP, thanks

This is just a beginner bow. Used by schools and scouts. So suitable to get you started but not good enough for club shooting

I'm 14 starting archery. I am 73cm tall and my Draw length is 70-75cm. I have a tight budget so I don't want to go for anything to expansive Kind regards

This is fine or the PSE Snake - both are really not serious bows which you will take to an archery club. Archery clubs will start at wooden recurves.

Would this be a good bow for a beginner 16 year old and what colour is it

Green - It is really not a serious bow it just for fun. For a 16 year old I would suggest a proper bow.

how long will this take to get to adelaide? cheers mate

Adelaide in a lot of cases is sameday. Couriers please have pick up at 9 and 12 and they deliver 3 times a day in Adelaide.

what colours does it come with camo?

Green only

is this better or the PSE Snake Recurve for a 12 year old?

I would go the snake as it is recurve. The snake has a better string to.

hey there can you shoot rabbits with it? and does it come in camo?

If you get close enough to a rabbit you can shoot it, but you are better off with something a little more powerful. No it doesn't come in camo. We usually supply these bows to schools or younger kids.

Can you get recurve bows and long bows that are 50 pound plus draw weight

Yes but not this bow. You will need to look at more expensive bows

P.S. What's the postage cost? Thanks

It depends on your location, but generally between $20-30

Hello? I've been trying to call since last week (either busy line or no answer), this is my second email with the same questions: What length arrows will i need with this bow for a 12-year-old? Does it need a different string? I want to order it asap, it's a birthday gift at a busy time of year, running out of time. Tahti 0430127204 thanks

Normal length arrows will be fine. The bow comes with string.

what is the draw weight of this bow?


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