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Strings for Recurve bows. Please not recurve strings are not the length of the string but the length of the bow. If you have a 68" bow you need a 68" string. The string for a 68" bow will actually measure roughly 64 1/2".

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Selecting the correct number of strands for a bowstring is a little bit of trial and error.  The more strands the slower but more stable.

As a guide

<20#     = 10,12 strand

<30#     = 12,14 strand

<40      = 16,18 strand

>40#     = 18,20 strand

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Title : very strong when new and lasts long
Review : very strong when new and lasts long only a fast flight string is better Cartel dacron strings Online Shopper

hi, i have a 25" sf premium riser with 66" limb. me i know what is the size of string i should order?

66" string

If i buy bow 68 recurve strings =68 Strands = 12 its correct? please suggest


Regarding replacement string for a modern Bear Grizzly 60# Will the 18 strand string be served ends and centre and suitable for the above bow ?


Do you have these strings in black like picture, all the strings ive ordered are white and blue and look terrible on black predator

It depends on the string. The white and blue are win and win which indicate it is a Dacron string. We stock mainly Win and Win. We also stock cartel which are white/ black. Sorry you can't select a colour. It just depends what we have in at the time.

My 55# AMO-58 Grizzly - from what I can tell online it would be the AMO-58 minus 4 = 54" string. Is that correct?

No for a 58" bow you order a 58" string. The actual size of the string will be a bit over 54".

Hi, I need a 55 inch bowstring for my friend, but I don't know the bow length. Which bow length should I choose to get a 55 inch string?

Strings are all ordered on Bow length. a 60" bow would have about a 56" actual string. So if you want 55" I think the closest you will get will be 58" which will be 54".

For a 60" recurve, would a 54 string be suitable?

A 60" recurve you buy a 60" string.

I have a 52" recurve bow. Should I order a 48" string?

52" string for a 52" bow

Does the string come with a nock point?


Are these Bow strings AMO regulated?

Yes there are standards for making strings at a set size. Full tech specs for bow strings are available on line. However if you buy the string for the bow size, I have not had any problems.

hi im new to archery an I was just wondering how to find the right size string for my bow (I found it in the shed when I moved in to the the house im in) and it has no numbers on it thanks luke

That is the hard thing, you need to work out what the length of the bow is. If you google length of a recurve bow it will show you how to work out you bow length, then you order the string for that length.

Is the 18-20 strand dacron string suitable for a 75 pound recurve bow

18-20 is right. Anything more and you would struggle to get a nock to fit on the string.

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