NEET Large suede brown Back Quiver
Large Back Quiver 22" long

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From its beginnings in 1956, Neet Products has been recognized as the leader in shooting accessories for the "Traditional" market. From its broad selection of back quivers, traditional armguards and gloves to its specialty products for recurves and long bows, Neet build comfort into every design through precision craftsmanship and the use of the finest materials available today.


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If I order the NEET back quiver and shoot right handed (right dominant eye) I order the right handed one right?.Sorry I know it sounds stupid but I know right handed guys that draw arrows over either shoulder due to hand me downs and never used a back quiver only an on the bow quivers.

Right handed people tend to shoot right handed quivers. So with the arrows over the right shoulder. I have never seen someone with a backquiver over their left shoulder. But it may work.

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